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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hello New York! T Magazine is smitten... and so are we.

there must be magic in the air, because this week was something unforgettable and so surreal.  Instead of waking up from an amazing dream, this week we awoke to the dream.  we are so happy with lucky stars in our eyes and we are just positively awestruck...

somehow it seems our little terrarium shop is officially of "the moment" according to the truly incomparable New York Times, which has featured us on their T Magazine style blog this week!
Check out the full "Earthly Delights" feature here. (bursting with delight and disbelief ourselves!)

Jojo spoke a few weeks ago with a lovely editor from NYT about his own process and inspiration and all about terrariums, of course.  Our fingers were crossed and it indeed came true!  W owe countless thanks to the entire NYT style office, and especially to Madison Shimoda for her generously kind praise.

We are long-time readers of NYT and style section loyalists.  This group of people are true mavens of design and certainly have seen it all.  That's precisely why we are so tickled that they found a moment to also be excited about us!

And of course we are forever endeared to our friends at Anthropologie, who made all of this possible when they added us to their mix and shared our story with editors and bloggers at an enchanting press preview event.  They have been so endlessly positive and supportive... working with them is the dream that keeps on dreaming... and we are forever grateful.

Also this week, Jojo delivered a gaggle of terrariums to the stunning Anthropologie home office.  Now a table of our terrariums welcomes people into the office lobby.  Jojo said it made him feel like family... like he had been welcomed inside to a good friend's dinner table.  (swoon)

Later this month, our Slug and Squirrel terrariums will be seen in yet another Anthropologie store!  Philadelphia will launch our new collection later this month, and its so exciting!  Our terrariums are already being sold in Wayne, PA (the very first Anthro) and in their massive manhattan store at Rockefeller Center!

Click here to see previously posted photos of our first Anthropologie collection.

It was impossible to imagine all of this incredible success and exposure, when we began The Slug and the Squirrel just ten months ago.  We knew Jojo's work was something very special, but we never even imagined how quickly things would grow and where this journey would take us.

If this is just the beginning (and we hope it is), we cannot but wonder with stars in our eyes where this road will lead.  Right at this very moment, tiny as it may be... anything and everything seems possible.

it's a wonderful place to be... and dream.

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