"The Slug and The Squirrel is now residing in California. We miss you Philly"

Monday, January 7, 2013


Maelchen said...

Just wandering about from board to board on Pinterest, my eyes were caught by something, I have never seen and would have never guessed to be possible... Your creations are so unique and outstanding that I was overwhelmed by their beauty and purety. You are not focusing on the bigger the better but you make us see a universe in the most fragile and tiny structure of a moss! Thanks for leading one's eye on the purest wonders of life again! Greets, Manu

jojo said...

Was really excited to read your comment. My thoughts exactly, Maelchen. It's what got me started in the first place. Nowadays we move so fast that we only see the big and the apparent ones. So, for the simple and little ones, I thought putting them in a terrarium gives them the stage and spotlight that they need and hopefully get the attention they deserve ;)