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Saturday, April 30, 2011

earth day... (hooray!)

Last week we celebrated an unforgettable Earth Day with Anthropologie customers and it was SO much fun!  If you were able to attend, thank you so much for a simply perfect day!  For anyone who wasn't able to join... boy, you missed a party!  Jojo taught 5 terrarium how-to classes in Manhattan and outside Philadelphia on both friday and saturday.  It was such a treat!

The tablescape set-up turned out quite charming and inviting.   It was overgrown with vintage suitcases and copper buckets brimming with natural elements for the picking... pebbles and stones, driftwood, ferns, many varieties of wild mosses, and more.  The entire scene begged to be explored and a number of other shoppers wandered in to say hello and to ask questions about terrariums. Take a peek...

Jojo may have been nervous at first, but no one ever noticed.  He was an engaging speaker and teacher... and seemed to really captivate attendees and passersby.  We were also very impressed by the collective creativity as well!  So many jars of whimsy and wonder!  

I think for most people, it was a nice reason to unplug from the busy day and take an hour escape into a moment of wilderness fantasy... 


We took away from this experience such wonderful, positive energy given off by our guests and from the amazing Anthropologie store teams as well... just great people.  

It was such a (glorious) shock anytime a mention of admiration for S+S was made.  I guess it is still surprising to realize that people even know about us!   Earth Day will - for us - be forever unforgettable... and its all thanks to the amazing people we met at the events.  

For the first time, S+S felt more than an art/science project.  It felt like a family...



Happy < belated > Earth Day.   
ps.  thanks again to anthropologie's events  team (for the wishes-come-true.)

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claire said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and the terrarium I made is still thriving! Applause to you guys for sharing your talent and creating such beautiful work. Bravo!