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Friday, April 29, 2011

songs make happy plants...

we think music makes happy people... and happy plants too.  Ours enjoy a eclectic mix of everything from nina simone to lady gaga.  i guess some see the whole {music + plants = ? } conundrum as something silly to consider... but it seems quite logical to us anyway.

Apparently the debate over this issue is under investigation by the royal philharmonic (and qvc strangely enough).  read on here if you are interested and tell us what you think.

I choose to believe that plants do need entertainment and culture just like me or you.  if nothing else... it makes the world a sweeter place... and enchanting evermore.

berkley girl by harper simon

a million years by alexander 

(swoon).  completely enamored with this video... which seemingly was inspired by the beautiful works of dutch artist levi van veluw... (like we were too)...

i saw his work in the (amazing) art exhibit Dead or Alive that just closed at the MAD (museum of arts and design) in manhattan.  I love visiting new museums when I travel to new places, but few top my estimation of MAD.  The curators must be an unusual and interesting bunch.  (maybe Jojo should make them a terrarium!?)   They will open a new exhibit in june called Otherworldly.  It sounds exactly akin to our own design theory and focus here at S+S.  Cant wait to check it out next month!

happy weekend!

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