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Sunday, April 10, 2011

a pink sunday...

There is a sky of fluffy pink clouds outside our windows this week like a strawberry ice cream-colored dream.  It's the blushing magnolia tree, with her trunk in the neighbor's yard and her pink cotton candy blooms hanging full and heavy over our garden and nearly against the third floor window.  Very soon, it will rain pink petals.  Springtime is divine.

It reminds me of the amazing pink heaven of jellyfish lake in Palau... a dream destination certainly on my bucket list.  An episode of Survivor from long ago allows for a temporary escape via video below.  swimming with millions of jellyfish... something beyond words.

Well, (back in philadelphia) it's been a beautiful weekend of easy-breezes and the budding colors, scents, and freshness... endless are the possibilities of a new spring.  Took a walk around the city after breakfast and enjoyed every newly blooming or budding tree and every freshly planted (frost-fearing) flower from A to B.

Maybe it's magnolia obsession?  But looking though the film on my camera... everything was pink, pink, pink.  I guess its the look of life through rose-colored glasses... I should enjoy it while so easily available, I guess.

Try yours on along with me...

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